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Portimão  Algarve  Portugal 

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AIA has six international events on its calendar this year. The Superbike World Championship is taking place for the sixth consecutive year, being the only international motorcycling event to have taken place in Portugal in 2013. The first event on the sporting calendar was the Porsche Cup Challenge Brazil, which took place in April, followed by the return of the International GT Open in May. The Algarve s racing in October. Welcome to Portimão.

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Portimão - Algarve - Portugal

Portimao - Algarve - Find Best Hotels, Restaurants And City Tours ...

Rapidly gaining popularity, Portimão is the new Western Europe destination for luxury travelers, with its beach resorts, combined with undiscovered nature, fishing ports, commercial centers and tourist attractions. A cosmopolitan city presenting a variety of beautiful golden beaches, crystal clear blue sea, framed by nature cliffs and rocks luring into fantasy and paradise. The city is an international tourist destination to fun and excitement, modern luxuries embraced by astounding natural settings.The sunsets are unique and magical experience whether travelling on a classy yacht or lying on an opium bed drinking champagne. Portimao real estate is in demand, properties and holiday rentals are sought after. Pleasant holidays are ensured in all seasons, where Golf players can play all year round on top quality golf courses. Visit Portimao.

Located in the estuary of the River Arade, Portimão is known for its excellent sandy beaches with plenty of warm, calm waters, which make it a very alluring holiday destination. Welcome to Portimão.

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